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What We Offer

Expert renewable solutions for Energy users

Industrial Batteries

Through our Partner GivEnergy, we provide industry leading commercial and industrial batteries. Utilising the most advanced technology in the marketplace, our batteries are cobalt free and with unmatched response times. Our solutions provide resilience and demand response, with existing installations ranging from NHS hospitals to large data centres.

Solar Solutions

Solar technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Our team have decades of combined experience in the solar industry, from commercial and industrial applications to large scale solar farm projects. This helps the team design solutions which help maximise renewable power and the financial returns for the client.

ConnectEnergy - Certified GivEnergy Commercial Delivery Partner

Names You Can Trust

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GivEnergy are a leading British Owned Battery Company and one of our Shareholders. They are one of the only companies that manufacture every part of the battery, from individual cells, inverters and battery management systems. Their technology is cobalt free in comparison to high fire risk standard lithium technology used by most battery companies

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Octopus Energy

GivEnergy battery technology is the technology of choice for Octopus Energy. Who are a pioneering Green Energy Company specialising in providing agile tariffs. The response time of the GivEnergy technology is a leading driver for it being the choice of the most advanced energy companies in the market.

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The GivEnergy technology is the battery of choice for E.on in the UK and across Europe. Due it's high safety factor, industry leading lifespan and response time. The technology of tomorrow, today.


Q Cells Solar

Q Cells products are unrivalled within the industry. German Engineering ensures high quality and output for Solar applications. The Q Cell technology provides long term output and high performance, ensuring low maintenance and high returns.

About Us

Renewables that Reward

Our team includes a diverse range of industry specialists which helps ensure maximum value and industry leading performance for our clients. This includes experienced solar technical specialists, commercial battery experts, finance & funding specialists and a commercial team which can ensure your renewables financially reward you.

Industrial Building

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