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  • Mark Bailie

GivEnergy battery storage solution delivered for the NHS

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The team here have been working with the NHS to deliver the latest cobalt free GivEnergy Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) for the NHS.

What the Customer had to say:

George McCracken - Director of Estates, Risk & Environment, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust - 3rd December 2021

“Belfast Health & Social Care Trust has recently installed the GivEnergy Battery Storage System within its Estate. The GivEnergy System has been able to meet the Trust requirements of wholly sustainable manufacture, full end of life recycling, and high operational safety parameters. The bespoke installation and build within each of our sites is fully controllable through BMS and PCS to ensure an exact fit at the point of need.

An important Trust specification requirement for no cobalt was also met by the GivEnergy Battery Energy Storage System.

Local technical support provided by their team has realised a huge benefit as the Trust has stepped forward with the first project of this nature to be wholly integrated into the electrical supply and life support systems for acute hospitals.

The benefits to site resilience and, most importantly, patient safety provided by the GivEnergy system are immeasurable and when coupled with market trading options it is hard to understand how any healthcare facility operates without a system such as this.”

Below is an image of the containerised solution of a 2.4MWh GivEnergy BESS being installed in the Mater Hospital. With a further 4.8MWh GivEnergy Battery being installed in City Hospital.

The technology facilitates whole site resilience and power factor correction, in addition to earning a revenue stream for the hospitals through demand response.

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