Battery Technology

Battery technology has advanced significantly in recent years, our technology is an industry leader resulting in a wide range of uses throughout the Electricity Grid and Industry.

Grid Services

Supply and demand of electricity in the grid often don’t match, with the national grid having to use balancing services. Battery technology has in the past been limited in its use due to response time capabilities.
The GivEnergy technology has some of the fasted cobalt free capability in the industry. This allows it to be used for fast frequency response grid services, those which can earn the largest revenue streams.

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Power Shifting

Renewable power generators and industrial power users can financially benefit from the variance between peak and off-peak rates of electricity.
The intelligent GivEnergy battery technology can maximise the financial benefits to users of their leading technology.


Diesel generators typically used for resilience are unable to fully mitigate impacts of brownouts and blackouts for critical infrastructure facilities. This is primarily due to the response time needed for these backup systems to take the facility load.
The industry leading response time of the GivEnergy technology allows the battery to provide complete resilience for a facility, where previously not possible.
See the case study on how one of our systems solved this problem for a UK Government Hospital.


Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction (PFC) aims to improve power factor, and therefore power quality. It reduces the load on the electrical distribution system, increases energy efficiency and reduces electricity costs. It also decreases the likelihood of instability and failure of expensive equipment.
Installed GivEnergy systems are currently delivering this capability for blue chip data centre customers and government hospitals

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